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Image and Process copyright Charles H. Wojtkiewicz
This is the way I start my work- I drew this sittting on beach, distracted by bikinis, in light blue pencil. I just drew a bunch of scribbly shapes since I really didn't have much more than a vague notion in my noggin. I always theme the front page illo around my signature monolith, and for reasons that only a qualified psychoanalyst could explain, aliens and creatues are always messing with it. I call this one Co-Opted. The MechFrog is some kind of guardian watching over the alien tech that's been planted on my Sig. Hey! I didn't authorize that! Once the blue line is down, I start doodling in the shapes and details with an 005 Pigma Micron pen. The blueline is my roadmap, so I can freely concentrate on all the weird little mechanisms of this exotic brute. I'll grab the pencil and work more on focal points like the design of the head- see all that scribblin'? I alone know what it all means at this point. ;) We ran out of sun, so the drawing went back into the portfolio.
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