These sites are Da Bomb!
Art Sites
Jeff Parker- Pretty hot artist, for a goofball. An Artamus Studios chum.
Mike, Wieringo, one snappy cartoonist and another old studio croney.
There's somethin' not quite right about this boy, but he draws purty! An Artamus Alum.
Feng Zhu- Concept Legend. He eats live mice!
Jeremy Cook, Master CG Modeller. He brings it to life. Look for chuk stuff in 3D....
Illuminati Entertainment- the finest bunch of knuckleheads I've ever been pimped with!

Neil Blevins- another cg madman, and gaunlet-master at Quake!

Artwork copyright blur studio
Hobby Sites
The Aircraft Resource Center. Daily updates!
Modelling Madness. More hobby fun- mostly planes, but anything's fair game.
A super site- updates six times a week! great photography.
My Job!
The best cg animation studio EVER!
This guy's got guts!
Art by Roundeye, and his fabled concept art forums. You'll get tough love here- no whining!
A great art comunity. I sometimes post in the "Girls" section- pictures of girls, that is!
ConceptArt.Org- the Big Daddy of Concept Art forums.