7/7/2002- Starting the site in earnest at last! Not much works yet, but it's off the ground! Whoo-hoo!

7/14/02- Added a new intro illustration- I drew it while sitting on the beach this morning! My current project at my job at blur studio is storyboarding and designing this year's crop of bumpers for Kids' WB!-it's always a fun project, and I'll be posting a ton of new stuff once it airs..

7/21/02- Added the People and Places galleries, and fine tuned some stuff. I threw some loose tones on this old sketch of Jack Hammer for this page...

7/27/02- Stuff! Another gallery begun- I'll keep adding as steadily as possible. Next week, however, no update! I'll be at the San Diego Comic Con International. I'll be sitting at JJ-8 in Artists' Alley, sketching and schmoozing- come visit!

I know some of these pages are looking funky in Internet Explorer- I've been building this site using Dreamweaver 4 on a Mac G3, and believe me, I'm a rank amateur at this web stuff! Kindly bear with me, as I plumb the mysteries and secrets of this fascinating medium

9/15/02- I've been putting in a lot of extra hours at work lately, hence the lack of updates. Thanks to those who have written urging me to get off my duff and update! The Critters gallery is up and ready for your browsing pleasure.

11/24/02- I've finally had some time to update. Look for three new images on the Places page, and a new critter, too. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans, and a happy Thursday to the rest of you!

12/14/02- Did some tuning on the site- fixed some dead buttons and typos. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy! =^) Also added a couple of images to the Stuff page...

12/22/02- Time for just a quick update before Christmas hits- look for a new image in People. I've got so much stuff to post, but it'll have to wait 'til next year! ^_^;

Here's wishing one and all a happy holiday!

2/22/03- I've been doing a lot of freelance lately and have been slack about updating the site- work comes first! The Sketch Gallery is up with 18 new images for your edification. For more chuk art go to www.illuminatientertainment.com !

3/12/03- Added a link on the top page to a Rise of Nations preview featuring a bunch of chuk art..

3/29/03- Cave Man learn new trick (grunt)! I've finally figured out how to make quick and easy updates- huzzah! Look for a few new pix in the People, Stuff and Sketches galleries.

3/30/03- Bonus! I found a nice cache of my images and can start posting more, more, more! I was the concept designer for Shania Twain's I'm gonna get you (good) music video and pounded out a ton of stuff in a three week period. I had some help from the excellent and talented Franscico Ruiz Velasco, comics luminary extraordinire. Look in Stuff and People!

7/12/03- I've been working in a coal mine! Finally some time to throw some new images in People, Places a,d Stuff. I'm still working on those other buttons- stay tuned! Here's a picture of our new puppy, Dyna Mite to tide you over. Oh, the cuteness! Also, here's what keeps me from updating- this is my Heinkel He 111 bomber in 1/48 sacale. The white parts are scratchbuilt, the dark ones are photo-etched brass. Mmmmmm- tiny parts!

12/30/03- I added a Links page yesterday, and wrote up my first demo for the How-To page today. I feel like I should be in an episode of "Secrets" on the Conan O'Brian show!

11/30/04- Could it be? An update?! In People?!!! More to come- I'm struggling with technical difficulties. Hey, c'mon- I'm an artist, not an IT type! :)

12/04/04- What th? Another update, and this time in Stuff? Better get the pets indoors and lock up the valuables!

1/08/05- I put up a new WIP illustration on the front page- it will grow as the weeks go by. A new demo will be born!

1/14/05- Step Two in the new demo added.

2/4/05- Step three is up!

10/9/05- Where the heck have I been? Well, I switched over to PC from Mac (don't hate me, Mac folk!) and have been taking my sweet time switching the site over. I've been busy at blur, cranking out toons of stuff. i'll post 'em when the Non-Disclosure Agreements will let me!

10/23/05- I've started posting stuff a bit bigger- more and more folks have bigger screens and demand larger images.Sorry to you lap-toppers- scrolling's a bitch!.

12/19/05- Added some character work for a Coke commercial blur did...

1/1/06- Big update of new and old work.

2/12/06- Rise of Legends update.

3/12/06 - small Warhammer update

9/10/06- Updates to People and Sketches. I've been busy- lots of stuff will be posted once the finished animation is released.

03/8/07- What is this- a blog? Update for A Gentlemen's Duel. Factoid: I am the voice of the Frenchman- my first big voice-acting gig!

10/13/07- Been a loong time- sit down, pull up a chair andhave some robots!

1/29/09: Sporadic updates continue as Non-Disclosure Agreements allow. I've got stuff piled up that hasn't been released yet!

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