When I was a just a wee child and my dear old Grandpop asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I unhesitatingly piped, "I want to be an artist!" "You'll starve to death!", came his unswerving reply. He couldn't dissuade me from my lofty goal with his dire precognition. Bearing in mind, now, that Granpop actually spoke like Popeye, but in a deeper register. I believe his vocal inflection guided my artistic inflections, leading me into a lifelong fascination with all kinds of fantastic illustration. Thanks, Grandpop!

I currently live in the LA area and work as a Concept Designer for blur studio of Venice, California- a powerhouse gang if there ever was one! Much of the art on this site was done for blur- see my links page for the official site.

I came to this area from the sleepy little town of Hillsborough, NC, where I plied my trade in the halls of Artamus Studios, working alongside the likes of such mighty talents as Mike Wieringo, Richard Case, Scott Hampton, Jeff Parker, Casey Jones, Dave Johnson, John Lowe and Craig Gilmore. Look for their links, too- you'll be rewarded!

Here's a brief list I the good folks I've done work for (in no particular order):

Comics- DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Acclaim, First Comics, Darkhorse Comics and many others.

Toy Design- Toy Innovation, Toybiz, DC Direct, Stan Lee Media, Action Ace, Marvel Characters Inc., Fisher Price

Concept Design- Hasbro, American Family Greeting Cards, Stan Lee Media, Marvel Characters, Inc.

Game Design- Redstorm, Westwood Studios, Activision

For blur studio: Kids' WB! (Bumpers), Paramount Parks (ride films- Batman, The Mask, 7th Portal) SciFi Channel, Stan Lee Media, Escape Factory, And various game cinematics: Empire Earth, Command and Conquer: Renegade, Microsoft flight Combat Simulator 3, Crimson Skies, and so much more!

I am available for freelance work- contact me.