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Image and Process copyright Charles H. Wojtkiewicz
Okay, I took twenty minutes or so while eating lunch today to complete the general outlines. I managed to not spill anything on it, either! You can see that I've completed all the branching cables in the foreground as well as the signiture on the monolith. I've also added some big elements in the middle background, as well as some huge elements in the far background. What's that you say? They don't look that huge? It's the level of detail that helps drop them back, but at this stage of the

drawing the line weight is pretty much all the same. That makes things look flat and hard to read. Next time I'll add some variation to make the forms stand out from one another.Color will also give a sense of scale to these elements.


One other thing you may have noticed is that I've added a seam to the wrist of the MechFrog. After looking at the whole thing for a while I noticed that his arm had no feature to rotate the claw. In designing things for CG, functionality is key. You've really got to allow for all the movement that a finished design will go through by the time it gets to the animators.
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